Welsh Stick Chairs

Tim’s Chair

Traditional inspired chair, but with good lumbar support and a comfortable shaped Elm seat. Legs stretchers and bent wood components made from riven Oak then shaped with a draw knife on a shaving horse, wedged and pegged joints.


H: 90cm, D:60cm, W:55cm

Price: £ 600

Welsh stick chair

Traditional Welsh stick back chair, built around a a wide Elm board with the legs and back sticks , shaped with an axe and draw knife, from hand cleft green oak or ash. A steam bent bow for the arm rest and head board. They are carefully dried mortised into the adzed seat, with wedges and pegs for strength and visual effect. Assembled using traditional rabbit skin glue. The chair is stained or painted then finished with natural gum turpentine mixed with raw linseed oil. Each chair is carved with our unique logo a symbol of quality , date stamped and numbered.


H: 120cm, D:70cm, W:70cm

Price: £ 750