Shoulder Bag

I wanted to have a stylish shoulder bag that I can use for every day, but it is shows the traditional form and old leather technique. This was in my mind when I designed this bag.

I chose olive green vegetable-tanned cow-hide leather for the main pieces, black leather for the edges and also black hairy cow-hide I did not want to use any buckles to close the bag. I wanted to work it all with leather, for this reason I made leather button and a leather hook for this function.

I used the traditional saddle-stitching technique (hand-stitching with two needles) to join the pieces of leather together. The edges are finished with French hand-stitching. The Pattern design is inspired by the Nature.

This is a hand stitched traditional horseshoe shaped shoulder bag.  It has two pockets, closed with leather buttons. The edges are finished with French-stitching.
The pattern is made by underlay technique with hairy cow-hide. The shoulder strap is hung by a leather band and sliding leather rings.
Colour: Olive & Black or Braun & Black


– Length: 250mm
– Width: 100mm
– Height: 180mm + adjustable shoulder strap.

Price: £ 450.-