Oak Memorial Benches

We make special outdoor & indoor benches, as memorial benches, to remember & honour the passing of a loved one. Public seating for Parks and gardens,, hand carved sculptural seating, or just a gift – a token of love.
We can carve a text or a figurative relief carving, or supply an engraved brass plaque. Our bespoke benches are individually designed and hand crafted from chunky solid Oak, Acacia ,Elm or Teak which are durable and strong. They are traditionally Jointed together with mortise & tenon/ pegged joints. They are Finished with natural linseed oil and Gum turpentine or Teak oil. We can supply seat anchors to secure your bench to the ground.

Prices from £ 750

Oak long Bench

Measurement :

H: 110cm W: 80cm W: 210cm

Price :   £ 1200

Curved Oak Bench

Measurement :

H: 90cm D :75cm W : 214cm H to seat : 45cm

Price :   £ 1950

Oak Carved Welsh Bench

Measurement :

H : 96cm D : 60cm W : 150cm

Price :   £ 900

Seat in the woods Bench

Made with a chunky oak seat, adzed out for comfort, 14cm oak turned legs , steam bent bows, and the back sticks made from 8 different woodland trees. With a woven hazel fence behind with living willow

Measurement :

H : 100cm D : 90cm W : 214cm

Price :   £ 4800

Steam bent oak bench

Made from 15cm diameter turned oak legs, with steam bent components jointed together with specially designed stainless steel fixings

Measurement :

H : 96cm D : 90m W : 180cm

Price :   £ 1800

Oak Leaf and Acorn Sculptural Seat

This is made from large pieces of oak , chainsaw cut and carved, and Jointed with stainless steel fixings , built into a bank on to a damp proof course.

Measurement :

H : 100cm D : 80cm W : 250cm

Price :   £ 6000

Indoor Carved bench

Made from Elm. WIth a carving of a red kite, and people doing country activities

Measurement :

H : 100cm D : 60cm W : 150cm

Price :   £ 2200