Flower Pouch

This Flower Pouch is my favourite object. I use it as my signature pouch. It’s made from vegetable tanned cow-hide.

When I have been to studying purses and pouches in the museums, I found a similar form of pouch like this. Traditionally it was used to store for tobacco, this pouch can be used to store jewellery, coins or other small items.  I liked this form and shape, and I was interested in how it was made, what type of process or technique is able to retain its beautiful shape every time it is opened

I started to make experiments. First I made many models from paper with precise division of a circle, and then folded up to get the flower form. However, there is a depth of the pouch, so I made another model from a piece of wood (A circle form with 100mm diameter and 7mm thick). I put in the middle of the paper circle, and then folded up again. This wooden model helped to give the depth and the permanent form of the pouch. I used it later with the leather. The leather needs to be vegetable tanned, because this can be formed whilst it is wet, then the leather will always retain the shape or embossed pattern after it is dry. Colour: dark brown (or made to a colour of your choice)


– Circle shape; diameter: 100mm or 80mm
– Height: 35mm

Price: £ 50